Gajan P.
Designer + Illustrator

[psst - scroll down to see samples of my work. I'm redesigning my website with all the new projects I've been working on in 2021.
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Hello, thanks for dropping by :)
I'm a creative who enjoys working with a talented team to execute wicked ideas. I am a deep empath and like keeping things 'human' and genuine.

What I can do for you:
Branding, illustration (digital and analog), UI, graphic design.
Open to freelance or perm in London, around the UK and remote.

Client Overview:
From previous roles: Philips, LinkedIn, Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, Novartis, The Cheeky Panda, ADIDAS, Samsung, Ericsson, Ooredoo, Marlboro, Bahlsen, Sales Confidence, PURE Life Experiences, PURE Pursuits, Further East, LE Miami, We Are Africa, Great Plains Conservation, Conservation Lab.

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About me:
As a German national, Tamil, UK-resident with EU Settled Status, I'm never short of stories to tell nor of having identity crises. When I can afford a DSLR that actually takes video, I’d love to get into some experimental filmmaking. Currently use a Canon AE-1 Program for analog photography.
I was voted King of Slack™ for my amazing gif-game by This is Beyond during my time there as a junior.
I also make a tight bolognese and use enough garlic to make Dracula reconsider a career in ballet, he just doesn't know it yet. (< click it. trust me. just don't call me Aziz, pls.)
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